Friday, July 18, 2008

Consistently Constant Fighting

I just can't take it anymore. Day in and day out bloodshed, carnage and battles with no clear winner. The toll that this is taking on my home is more than I care to consider. It's often difficult to pull myself out of bed in the morning as I think about the angry barrage that awaits me. I daydream about a peaceful, quiet space to enjoy my thoughts free of aggression. These insidious aggressors sit right at my breakfast table with me. Every morning. They are there at lunch and dinner too. I truly get no break from them in between meals either. Oh summertime, when will you end? When will my adorable little children return to the ordered discipline of school? When will I be free of their consistently constant fighting?

1 comment:

snowflake said...

LOL! I experience the "most wonderful day of the year" on Wednesday. Can you tell I'm counting??