Friday, June 27, 2008

Those Darn Dark Forces

In a world where cheesecake is given freely, chocolate reigns supreme and french vanilla cappuccino is always on tap....A lone woman must make her way...well..alone. She must fight for equality with her thinner counterparts. She must say no to a second helping. She must battle the time tested habits that cause her to crave what is bad for her. Will she succeed? Or will the dark forces of Ben & Jerry's and Little Debbie unite to thwart her? Nightmare Thighs coming soon to a theater near you!


Coffee Girl said...

Don't forget Little Debbie and Ben and Jerry's other evil friend Krispy Creme. :) I laughed out loud while reading this. :)

snowflake said...

OH, so true! Cheesecake and Icecream are the bane of my existence! LOL!

Britta said...

For coffee girl:
Don't steal other people's work

Coffee Girl said...

Okay ladies, if you've tried to log on to my post and can't, here's why... As most of you know, sometimes I go out of town and have guest bloggers on my post. Well, on one such occassion, I had my ex friend Bella do a guest post and thought nothing of it. This was MONTHS ago. Fast forward to TODAY, when I get a piece of hate mail from a fellow blogger on the Blogosphere telling me I'd plagarized her work. I was mortified. I asked her which post and she sent me the link. I realized that it was one of Bella's posts on my trip to NYC. Unfreakingbelievable!!!! So I write this lady back and post PUBLICLY that I humbly apologize for her work being taken and that I invite all of them (her readers are a loyal following and were practically shooting me daggers through the world wide web) to my blog by invitation because I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to hide from them and am willing to turn my entire blog over because I KNOW WHAT I'VE WRITTEN is MINE. Of course, I abruptly removed the offensive post in question and followed up with YET ANOTHER PUBLIC comment on the victim's blog stating that Bella has agreed to write her/call her (whatever it took) and apologize for her behavior. I know, I should've known better than to let an eighteen year old guest blog. However, in the past, I've had friends guest blog and since Bella was/is an aspiring writer, I had no problem with it. Apparently, she didn't realize that guest blogging meant writing FOR someone not AS SOMEONE.

Anyway, do you think I did the right thing? Was I correct in lambasting poor Bella as well? She ended her phone call with me in tears saying she just didn't want to disappoint me and couldn't shake her writer's block. Ugh.

PS If you want to still read that blog, send me your email address or request me as a friend with your email address, and I'll add you. Sorry I had to make it open to invitation only. It's a sad, sad, day when I can't even write in peace.

This makes me very sad.