Monday, June 9, 2008

Sudden Attacks of Silliness

I just can't help myself. The more serious the situation, the more likely some stray silly thought will occur to me. I can't stand to be around overly pompous, conceited, stuffy people. As a result, my subconscious seems to work overtime to find ways to allow me to vent. For example, in the middle of a hell and brimstone sermon from a red faced minister, I can easily picture the guy sneaking off to a gay bar in drag on Saturday nights. Do you know how hard it is to stifle a giggle at that point? Rather than concentrate on what he's saying, I find myself pondering whether he remembered to change out of his frilly underwear for church. Yes, the world of Angela is a silly (and strange) place. But I like it here :)

1 comment:

Author Elle Febbo said...

He's got thigh highs KNOW it.

Thank God for this blog...I dont feel so....alone.